What Our Patients Say

Over the decades, my wife, Margie and I have been treated by many chiropractors for various things. We wanted you to know that Margie and I feel that you are by far the best chiropractor that we have ever used. Not only are the adjustments beneficial, but the advice on how to stay in shape and healthy is also very much appreciated. When you combine this with the prompt and friendly service that you and your entire staff provides, you have a winning combination for your patients. Should you ever need a reference as to your abilities and the quality of service you and your staff provide, please have them contact us. FYI, we have already recommended you to several of our friends.

Ricky and Margie M. Bigelow, AR

After over a decade dealing with mid and lower back pain, Dr. Holt has helped me to be able to walk without pain. He knew right away what was causing my problems and even got rid of the bursitus in my legs. I can sleep on my sides without pain and do so many things I couldn’t do before. It only took a week to (2 visits) see improvement. I would recommend him to anyone, plus his office staff are so nice!

Mary J. Mountain View, AR

Dr. Holt & staff is amazing! Dr. Holt has helped me manage my back and neck pain. He is kind and helps to identify causes that exacerbate neck and back pain.

Khloe N. Mountain View, AR

After 10 months of being off birth control and not getting pregnant, a friend told me about trying acupuncture at Dr. Holt’s office. I was a bit skeptical, but desperate. I’m so thankful I tried. The sessions were great and so relaxing. The staff was always so friendly. Dr. Holt is the best! Easy to talk to and so nice. Dr. Holt’s office is great.

Melissa S. Mountain View, AR

Dr. Holt is the best around, I drive 2 hours just to let him adjust my back. Puts my back right in place every time.

James M.

Dr. Holt has helped my shoulders and back far more, and more quickly, than any other chiropractor I've ever been to. He is thorough and truly wants to HEAL his patients, not simply bandage their pain. 10/10 recommend!

Emily R. Mountain View, AR

On the recommendation of a friend, I first came to see Dr. Holt for my chronic sciatica problem. This was 6-7 years ago. My sciatica had been a pain in my butt for a couple of decades. After 5-6 treatments by Dr. Holt, I can honestly say I've never had another sciatic pain again. My knees started giving me problems a few years back and as always with usually just one trip to see Dr. Holt I'm back up and walking pain free again.

Sandie C. Mountain View, AR

Very effective doctor. Have had no other chiropractor for 20+ years. Refer him wholeheartedly!

D. M. Mountain View, AR

Dr. Holt is very friendly, thorough and professional. He does a great job keeping me "lined out". Also, I rarely have to wait more than 10 minutes. If you have joint pain, you MUST get on the glucosamine that he carries! I have tried many brands and the can't compare to the pain relief I get from Metagenics Glucosamine Sulfate.

Lori W. Mountain View, AR

Dr. Holt is outstanding! I have suffered from back issues for many years (i.e.ruptured and herniated discs in my low back) and muscle imbalances as a result. Dr. Holt has been a significant part of my healing journey, week by week I am improving. He even helped me get out of a heel lift that I was in for 2 years which we discovered was part of my continuing pain. I highly recommend Dr. Holt and give him a 5 star rating! You are in good hands with Dr. Holt.

Stephanie S. Fox, AR

Since June 2017, a tick bite resulting in Alpha Gal allergy has caused me to suffer hives, breathlessness, and nausea after handling or eating meat. September 2020, Dr. Holt carefully determined placement and set tiny acupuncture needles in my ear. He monitored my progress over the next several weeks as I first smelled, then tasted, then ae gradually larger samples of meat. The big test came when I helped pull a large pork roast bare handed. No reaction! Thank you Dr. Jeff Holt and staff for freeing me from Alpha Gal reactions!

Sharon C. Mountain View, AR

I was bitten by a tick, which gave me Alpha Gal, a condition where I couldn't eat red meat. After receiving acupuncture from Dr. Holt, I have not had any trouble eating meat!

Gerald C. Mountain View, AR

As a whole, I must say the clinic is superb. So kind and concerned professionals for sure. Dr. Holt is a quiet person and listens well. He is not forceful or pushy and gentle. He will not boast about himself, but he is knowledgeable in many health conditions, which is quite amazing. Love them all and could not manage all that I do without this clinic.

Debra J. Mountain View, AR

I received SAAT treatment from Dr. Holt for Alpha Gal. It has changed my life after 2 years of very limited lifestyle. I can not eat and enjoy all kinds of meats and breads, and everyday foods that were life threatening to me before. I can live life free again. I also was allergic to gluten and now can eat it. I was having daily migraines and now only maybe 1 weekly.

Aliza Y. Mountain View, AR

Holt Chiropractic is a good treatment center. Dr. Holt relieves my symptoms and makes helpful suggestions. He is very trustworthy and sympathetic.

Warlen B. Mountain View, AR

I have been seeing Holt Chiropractic, Acupuncture for the last five years, and at 67 years old I have been to many different doctors over the years and Dr. Holt is one of the best I have seen. I have 2 discs out (L4&S1) and scar tissue and now had neck surgery. He keeps me able to live active life between acupuncture and chiropractic. God bless them!!!

Ray M. Mountain View, AR

The staff all very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Holt is very good at finding all the issue and is very thorough in making sure everything gets taken care of, as well as genuinely caring for all his clients.

Joshua G. Mountain View, AR

I came to Dr. Holt because of knee pain I had been experiencing for about 2 1/2 years. I was in pain and thought I would inquire about acupuncture because I had already seen 2 other chiropractors. When I inquired at front they called Dr. Holt to front and he talked to me and asked if he could examine me. When I said yes, he took me back, examined me, told me how my other chiropractor was good and that's how he would treat me initially, but since it hadn't worked, I needed a different treatment. He explained what I needed and said I could go tell them or I could see him. As I was in pain and knew I could not get in w/ regular chiro right away, I let him treat me. I have never looked back. I now see Dr. Holt for maintenance only. Staff is also very friendly and accommodating!

Shelly J. Mountain View, AR

I've had chiropractic treatment for a long time but with my after surgery back pain, I had to try and find an alternative for relief. I turned to acupuncture and with Dr. Holt's accredited knowledge I have found some relief. He explains each treatment, the areas he is treating, and helps keep me in the know of how and what he is doing. It's quite interesting and with Dr. Holt's professionalism it makes me quite comfortable as to what he is doing for me.

Marcia H. Mountain View, AR

Dr. Holt is the best at what he does!!! I have always suffered from migraines due to neck issues, and he is always willing to work me in so that I don't suffer all day. I have also went to him for my back and hips as well. He has always fixed me up. I have seen him for acupuncture and acupressure also. I struggled with irregularity and infertility my whole life, and I strongly believe that the acupuncture helped fix those issues. I now have a 4 year old and a one year o… See More

Chelsea G.

I was in an accident when a lady rear-ended my jeep. I saw Dr. Holt for chiropractic and acupuncture. he helped me feel better with improved body movement. I recommend Dr. Holt to relieve pain and improve health. He is the Best! 5/5

Charlotte H. Mountain View, AR

I came to see Dr. Holt 5 or more years ago and he really helped me. I think he is the best chiropractor in this part of the state. I will be letting everyone know how good he is.

Marlene L. Leslie, AR